Concession Sales

Concession Sales are a key to fundraising for the Taylor Little League.  All revenue minus expenses go towards projects related to Taylor Little League.  Please purchase water, drinks, candy, popcorn, nachos, burgers, hot dogs or whatever helps your taste buds while attending your participants game(s)!  Here's the menu!

Concession Help

Parents will be assigned to help at least one game with the concession stand at their participant's location during a game.  Parents can still watch their participant's game from the concession stand.   Please check the Concession Schedule provided.  If you are unable to work the concession stand for your scheduled time, please arrange to switch schedules with another participant's parent.

Local Sponsors

Taylor Little League (Taylor, TX). NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) YOUTH ORGANIZATION

Taylor Little League, P. O. Box 416
Taylor, Texas 76574

Email: [email protected]