Registration FAQs

Do we reside within the Taylor Little League District Boundaries?

Taylor Little League currently serves most of the Eastern Williamson County area.  To determine if you reside in the Taylor Little League district, please go to the Little League Finder tool and enter your address.  This will confirm if you reside within Taylor Little League’s area.

How to determine Little League age?

·         Little League Age Chart (Baseball Division)

·         Little League Age Chart (Softball Division)

Little League Privacy Policy
Here is a link to the Little League Privacy Policy.  All registered participants should read or have read this policy.

Medical Release Form

To complete a registration online or on paper, each participant must complete and sign a Medical Release Form for each participant.  To be considered complete, the document must have all sections completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian.  This information is needed in case of a medical emergency and the participant’s parent/legal guardian is not with the participant at a Taylor Little League event.  This information is shared on an “as needed” basis, as determined by the board. Your child’s coach will have access to this information in the event they need to provide this information.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.

If you register online, please complete the form, scan and be prepared to upload during the registration process.  If you have a scanner for your PC, scan the document and name as a file you can find during the process.  If you have a mobile device, you can utilize a scanning app to take a picture of the release form.  Some mobile apps that are commonly found are:

·        Adobe Scan (iPhone)

·        Adobe Scan (Android)

·        Microsoft Office Lens (iPhone)

·        Microsoft Office Lens (Android)

Please complete the form before registering online to expedite your process online.

How do you register?

·        On-Line

You can register on-line through the website.

Please print and complete the Medical Release Form.  Please reference the section above for additional information.  This form is REQUIRED.  Please note, if this is registration for Fall League, a player who played in the past spring season does not have to submit the form.  Players who did NOT play in the spring Taylor Little League season MUST submit this form.

Help may be found at Online Registration Instructions.

·        Paper

o   Mail-In Forms

Complete the Registration Form, MedicalRelease Form, ModelRelease Form and/or the VolunteerApplication and mail, with payment, to:

Taylor Little League

P.O. Box 416

Taylor, TX  76574

o   In-Person

Complete the Registration Form (REQUIRED), MedicalRelease Form (REQUIRED), ModelRelease Form and/or the VolunteerApplication and bring to one of the registration events.  Check our News page for event location and time.

Local Sponsors

Taylor Little League (Taylor, TX). NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) YOUTH ORGANIZATION

Taylor Little League, P. O. Box 416
Taylor, Texas 76574

Email: [email protected]